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Crossing Boundaries
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12th-Sep-2009 12:53 pm - I Think There's A Hippo in My Shower
ohmiya cooking
HAI THAR, I'M BACK &hearts
(hi hon! <3)
Someone mentioned how I pretty much always start my post with bday shoutouts... and why should this one be any different? *headdesk*

Happy Birthday to change417, chockingsmoker, lowlyfruit and thefrug. It's been ages but h-here's to a year of greatness.

Usual goes, any graphic requests, just tell me :)
And I hope you get to see this, An, because I think you're amazing for commenting on my LJ.

I hope you like it, change417 &hearts

SobaCollapse )
What's everyone been up to?
22nd-Aug-2009 04:15 am(no subject)
sho eh?
It seems really silly of me to be optimistic about having some free time during my summer holidays.
Between moving houses, a hyper brother, ranting sisters and eccentric parents....
Yeah, right.

So here's my long due hiatus notice.
Will be back once I'm home in London and settled with school and stuff.

Hope everybody is fine :)
Oh and zan, I promise we'll have a decent conversation... one of these days (>.<)
5th-Aug-2009 07:47 am - High on Sugar
arashi carnival night
I was supposed to put up a hiatus post weeks before. But 'today' becomes 'tomorrow' and 'tomorrow' becomes 'next week' and poof!: I haven't checked my f-page for a month of so?

Yes, I fail big time.

Anyhow. I thought I should do some bday shoutouts; they're really, really, really late, obviously.

Happy Birthday to swan_song37, amnostashima, arashixdream, hybrid_hallow and mae_ai. Hope you had a wonderful day! :D
Feel free to request for poorly done graphics.

Here's some graphics now, because my muses got really high eating candy and started vomiting stuff on Photoshop:

7[Wallpaper] 1280x800

Best parents EVERCollapse )

Off to finally go check my f-page @_@
How's everybody?
12th-Jul-2009 11:47 am - The Swan and The Frog
aimiya eat
Ranting about KarmaCollapse )

Oh. And does everyone know who Tako <3 is? I flail about her on most of my recent posts and I'm pretty sure she's getting tired of hearing this.
But waku_waku, you're an amazing person &hearts

Anyhow, moving onto better stuff. Like Arashi doing Batsu games :DD

Who wears it Best?
In Aiba's most recent board game, it's been decided that no head-stockings will be used. Instead, they'll be using one of these:

01. Braided pigtails and rosy cheeks
Jun makes such a pretty ladyCollapse )

On another note:
It's horrid when you know the weekend is about to end.
How's everybody? :)
jun bad mood worsen by sho
I have flu-slash-sore-throat kind of thing and everyone is like 'EGADS, SWINE FLU, GET AWAY FROM MEEEE'

Anyways, feeling better now.
I'm suppose to put this up during Nino's month but I'm a LAZY procrastinator.

Nino's Top 10 Best Mood Gifs

01. Exhilarated
*peace* BAIBAI

It's all Ni~NO, warning: GIF heavyCollapse )

And oh, I made a spazz gif batch on Hadashi no Mirai at spazzcrack.
Check it out here:

(I totally forgot to put that in, that's Aiba having a go on Sho's bum btw, oh well, extras to my f-list :DD)

How's everyone?
It's too hot here :((
21st-Jun-2009 10:41 am - Neen Power!
webby logo
Thank you, dear f-list, for your birthday wishes.
You are all so ladjklasjdajsldla
I'm still in the process of replying all you messages, etc (egads D:) but rest assure, I've read them all.

Because late is my middle name

Happy Birthday to japan_for_dream, ageneshi, eufry, jinnyss and kazunari_kiseki

Presents underneathCollapse )

Next, I love screen-capping and since it's his month, here's Nino.
Warning: Bad grammar, horrible spelling, poor imitation of 'I Can Has Cheezburger'.

Nino at His Best or at His Stingiest Moments

MOAR Neen!Collapse )

How's everybody doing?
29th-May-2009 09:13 am - Takoyaki <3
webby logo
YAY for not being late

Happy Birthday dthnhi and hakka_candy. Your awesome arts are lakdasjdajdalda &hearts

Presents <3
I could never match up with your wallpapers so I thought I'd do these gifs instead:

Hope you like, have a good birthday! :D

Okay. So I've just watched Asita no Kioku PV (-.-ll)
*flails*Collapse )

Who the what?Collapse )

Oho and I thought I'd share this:

Credits: jesychan

I would love to have an Ohno and an Aiba in my kitchen making takoyaki.
Though I suspect it'll all be gone before I could even eat them

How's everyone doing? :D
webby logo

I'm sorry to start off like this but:
< rant>
Avoid, people, A VOIDCollapse )
- I've been depositing black aura onto poor kazunari_kiseki, i_am_zan and waku_waku. Thank you for listening to my rants and emoness even though you're not obliged to. I don't usually lay my heart out on a dish like that (-.-ll)
</ rant>

Thankies with wallies, yay~
Thank yous, belated Birthday gifts and bring-me-ups. Like t-ten wallpapers under? (>.<)Collapse )
Moving onto happier things, here's one for whoompah

[wallpaper] 1280 x 800
Credits: jesychan

A Happy Birthday to mynamelessname. I mentioned it on my last entry about any graphic request if want ;)

Oh and regaime, I know I promised an Ohmiya on the bed but someone has done that and I think I'll wait till I've finished reading your awesome Mood Bulb before I do the book cover. Anyways, since you're feeling down lately with the whole 2 jobs thinghy and Ronald crushing your soul, here's an Aiba:

[wallpaper] 1280 x 800
Credits: SNG

Quick, grin like Aiba!
It's amazing how wide he can gin without breaking his face XD

Next! harunomasu mentioned about wanting an MatsuAiba wallie.
Here they are:

[wallpaper] 1280 x 800
Credits: zatanicon and arashi_yuukie

I should mention that those are 2 separate photoshoots.
(can you see the lines? O_o)
And if angst black & white is not you type, here's another:

[wallpaper] 1280 x 800

Warning: NC-17 stuff, those underaged or unwilling to see/read sensitive boy on boy action, please skip this last bit.
I can say in a very monotonous tone that I like gay pornCollapse )
Oh yes. I'm currently one of spazzcrazk new gif makers :DD so I'll be making spazz gifs like these soon-ish:

That's not mine, that's eggchan's (-.-ll)

Love to the f-list &hearts
15th-May-2009 04:47 pm - Sorry Nino, Sho tops :/
webby logo
Exams done, sleeping for 2 days after exams done, I'm back to posting, yay.

First off: Birthdays!

God, first birthday and I missed it. What a way to make new friends, I suck (-.-ll)

Happy Birthday whoompah! Here's to years of Arashi Sparklies ;D

Feel free to request any graphics: wallies, banner, gifs... 8D
And the same goes to you too, mynamelessname, for tomorrow ;)

Second: Celebration!

Sho is telling me to come follow him...

...and do something nasty with him on the bed 8DD

Picture credits: jesychan

Third: My exams didn't go so well
Please console me T_T

Will resume commenting on f-page soonish.
26th-Apr-2009 12:11 pm - Spread it Worldwide ;)
webby logo
Birthdays! :D

Yay to kos_mos26!
I hope you're having a wonderful time spending your birthday!
Here's something from me:

It's... uh, sorta like a book cover?
You know, when you publish it worldwide and spread the ghei Arashi love to universe :DD
credits, more wishes and a sleepy NinoCollapse )

And who can guess who this is, gets a cookie!

Credits: dw9lives

*slinks back into bed*

EDIT: Shoot, I totally forgot I got exams in like 2 weeks (^^;) Will stop the spamming till I'm done with that. I will however, keep dropping very random and egg-ish comments onto your posts ;)
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