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Crossing Boundaries

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15 June 1987
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Functional Insanity

This is about a small person. That lives in a big world. Yada, yada, yada… Who gives a crap?

This is about a fan. That was sucked into the world of sparklies and rainbows and ultimate ghei-ness. Arashi. I fell in, never fell out of it; wouldn’t want to, even for the world.

Ninomiya Kazunari, right? Played in a Hollywood movie, hunched over his DS, smirks like a 10-year-old and dominates half of my sane mind.
I am. Absolutely. Head over heels for this brat.
Psst, tell everyone, okay? By some miraculous chance, it’ll reach Nino. Then he won’t be too surprised when I see him and say ‘hiomgiwanttomarryyou’.

I ship Ohmiya SK. If you missed all my very-much-Ohmiya-influenced icons, ramblings, comments and graphics then let me guide your eyes back up to Nino’s hot body. See the word ‘ohno’ tattooed there? :D no, it’s not real. I made it up

There won’t be much Ohmiya here because I stuff them all in my website, Himitsu, (yes, I am a terrible person that pimps my own website) along with the other stuffs by awesome Contributors.
If you're here to put be a Contributor and make my day by putting delicious Ohmiya stuff in Himitsu, drop me a message or comment.

Friending Policy

I love making new friends! If you've added me, I'll most probably add you back UNLESS a)your journal is in a language I don't understand (sorry, but uh, what would we talk about? @_@) and b)your journal is empty.
Apart from that, welcome :D

Arashi before Sanity, yes? :D

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